Answer Your Cats Question Day: If Your Cat Could Talk

Today is answer your cat’s questions day. If cats could talk, I could only imagine these are the questions they would be asking us:

1. Do you really think you’re the ruler of this house? Ha!

 king cat

Yes, I pay the bills. If you want a say, get a job!

2. What are you cooking us for dinner tonight!?

what are you cooking

Do you mean what am I cooking MYSELF for dinner tonight? 

3. Can I have some of your dinner? Mine is so dry!!

cat human food

No, eat your kibble.

4. Why do you have to sleep past 6am every morning? Wake up and feed me!

wake up call

Get lost. And stop throwing my phone off my dresser, I’m still not waking up. 

5. Are you done with those papers you’re working on? Okay good, I’m going to use them as my new bed.

cat on paper


Yes, I have a cat. He is an absolute angel, except when he’s being a devil. I love him regardless.

What questions do you think your cat would ask?




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