Driven by the sound coming through the stereo, I share stories that entertain and humour me.

My name is Matt Vettese, and I am fortunate enough to be passionate about many things.

Passionate about story telling. Story telling is a captivating experience. Whether it’s a book, a television series, a film, or a great radio break. If done right, story telling can have an everlasting impact on another persons life. How many times have you sat around a campfire, with your best friends or complete strangers, and exchanged stories and life experiences? Those moments are truly the greatest.

A passion for audio that goes from listening to a favourite song to listening to a train chug along it’s tracks. Whether it’s listening to the radio or an album on my iPod, listening to music has had the biggest impact on my life.

Generally, music has the strongest impact on us as humans. It makes us feel. Music has the ability to pick us up, comfort us, upset us, disgust us (just listen to Immortal Technique – Dance With The Devil), it’s beautiful, it’s sexual, it’s magical. Music has shaped the lives of many, and well I’m an enthusiast, so I’ll stop now before I have a 10 page essay.

I’m also a huge sports fanatic, but that’s more of a hobby than a passion. Although my love for the San Francisco 49ers can be pretty romantic.

Matt Vettese,

Average Looking Radio Host.