Repurposed On-air Break

Here is an example of how I took a topic I was discussing on air and how I gave it new life on the radio station’s social media feeds.

This video received 759K views.

Directed Content

Here is an example of how I took an idea from news coverage surrounding “spy balloons” and brought it to life in an entertaining way. I collaborated with a co-worker to help bring my vision to reality. I scripted, shot, directed, and edited this Instagram Reel and utilized it to promote both of our radio station brands in one video.

Personal TikTok Branding

Here is an example of how I took a nostalgic moment from my childhood and made it relatable to other millennials that grew up listening to emo music.

I gained thousands of followers from this video alone.

Personal Instagram Branding

Here is an example of how I made a mundane part of every day life engaging and entertaining.

This video received 968K views.


Here is an example of a time I collaborated with a coworker on content. We made a list of “intern duty punishments” in the week leading up to the Super Bowl. We both received a lot of positive feedback from our audience. I shot and edited each scene in this series.