My Interview with Rob Shapiro

This year the Canadian Country Music Awards will be held in Edmonton, Alberta.
The band Hey Romeo has been nominated for two CCMA’s, including Group or Duo of the Year and CMT Video of the Year.

I talked to Hey Romeo’s keyboardist Rob Shapiro about being nominated for these awards.

We got to talk about the awards being in Hey Romeo’s hometown, their latest music video for their hit “Maybe You Remember Me Now,” what the province of Alberta has done for their music, and what we all want to know…what does the future hold for Hey Romeo?

Check out my full interview here:

Check out their video nominated for a CCMA here:

My Interview With Dean Brody

I had the chance to interview Dean Brody just days before he comes to the Peace Country for Bud Country Fever in Grande Prairie. During the interview he touches on what he has in store for Bud Country and his NEW album, expected to be called "Crop Circles," to be released in November.
We also find out if he believes in aliens.
He gives advice to other songwriters.
If there was anyone he could do a duet with who would it be?
He covers what inspires him to write new music.
Dean Brody spills the dirt on what himself and Alan Jackson have in common.
And of coarse I had to ask, what is his favourite part of Canada? I'm sure we all know the answer to that.

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