This Dog Does The Chores!

Have you ever looked at your pet cleaning themselves on your couch and thought…”I wish I had your life?”

You’re probably also thought to yourself “C’mon Fido, get a job and help pay for rent.” …no? Just me? Okay.

Well turns out they can’t pay rent, but they can do chores. A couple in British Colombia trained their dog to fetch drinks from the fridge, cook hot dogs over a fire, vacuum, and operate a snow blower.

Here’s the video of their dog clearing their drive way:

I feel like such a sucker, I only trained my dog to sit and give me high 5’s.

Burger King’s Whopper Neutrality

Whoever creates the ads for Burger King deserves a raise after mocking the American decision to repeal Net Neutrality.

They put together a commercial where they say “Whopper Neutrality” has been repealed, and either made people pay $26 for their meal, or wait an extended period of time. It was a gimmick to educate people on Net Neutrality, but the reactions are priceless.

Check out the video: