This Dog Does The Chores!

Have you ever looked at your pet cleaning themselves on your couch and thought…”I wish I had your life?”

You’re probably also thought to yourself “C’mon Fido, get a job and help pay for rent.” …no? Just me? Okay.

Well turns out they can’t pay rent, but they can do chores. A couple in British Colombia trained their dog to fetch drinks from the fridge, cook hot dogs over a fire, vacuum, and operate a snow blower.

Here’s the video of their dog clearing their drive way:

I feel like such a sucker, I only trained my dog to sit and give me high 5’s.

Deal On Nutella Sends People Into Hair Pulling Frenzy

How good must a deal be for you to actually physically assault a stranger to get your hands on it? It SHOULD be never, but apparently, a 70% discount on Nutella should do the trick.

In France, a grocery store slashed back prices on Nutella and people freaked out. Customers were pulling on each other’s hair, scratching, and pulling each other. And blood was even shed, as some customers even had scratched up hands. You’d think this was one of those viral videos from America on Black Friday. But nope, it looks like the French just love their Nutella like American’s love their TV’s.

As an Italian, I can relate to a certain degree. I would totally yell at my brother for finishing up the Nutella right before I was about to make a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich, but it would NEVER lead to assault.

Here’s the video of the Nutella chaos: